Webz of War

  • Unity3D
  • 01 May 2013
  • Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center
Research Paper        Project Website

Role: Unity Developer


  • – Implement UI that changed dynamically based on player heart rate, and positional data via Kinect/Wii Fit board.
  • – Implement gesture recognition for squatting using Kinect.
  • – Helped write enemy AI scripts
  • – Imported and synced assets into the Unity Project (textures, models, animations, audio).

Length: 15 weeks

Webz of War was an ETC project funded by our client, The Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). The goal of the project was to create an exercise game that focused on fun gameplay with exercise as a byproduct. Our final deliverable was a two player game that used three different technologies: two heart rate monitors, two Wii Fit boards, and the Kinect.

The heart rate monitors were worn by both players and were used to calculate their base heart rate at the start of the game and then track its increase during gameplay. The higher above their base heart rate the player got, the more powerful they became in the game. The Wii Fit boards detected where the players shifted their body weight, which was used to steer their hover-board in the game. The Kinect was used to detect upper body gestures such as punching (used to fire plasma balls), wriggling (used to wriggle out of webs), and squatting (used to duck under webs). Although the interactions are based on aerobic exercises, they make sense within the context of the game, which was our design goal. The project is currently installed at Fort Detrick, MD for use by our client. It won 4th place in the Education Division of the 2013 microMedic Contest and was presented at IGIC 2013 as well as Games for Health 2013. You can view the research paper written for this project here.