To be a Shadow

  • Unity3D
  • 03 Jun 2015
  • Rum'n'Coke Games
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Role: Unity Developer


  • – Develop a networked multiplayer game using Photon.
  • – Built system to mask certain game objects to a mesh to create a “cone of vision” relative to each player.
  • – Built centralized sound manager to handle all audio assets in the project, system included:
    • – dynamic changing of volume/panning of an SFX relative to the player location.
  • – Implemented power ups and player buff/debuff systems.
  • – Implemented game UI.
  • – Imported and synced assets into the Unity Project (textures, models, animations, audio).

Length: March 2015-Current

An upcoming 2-player competitive stealth action game set in the heart of Japan, where players have the chance to compete against each other as ninja warriors. Developed by my indie game studio, Rum’n’Coke Games.