• Mobile, Unity3D
  • 01 May 2014
  • Entertainment Technology Center
Project Website

Role: Unity Developer


  • – Built a checkpoint system to save player’s progress
  • – Implemented game UI
  • – Built a tool that enabled artists to add layers to the 2D parallax scrolling environment, the tool included:
    • – ability to set desired depth of a layer which affected the speed it scrolled at.
    • – ability to add a color gradient to a specific layer.
    • – the HSV coloring of a layer dynamically changed depending upon how far into the level the player was.
  • – Built centralized sound manager to handle all audio assets in the project, the system included:.
    • dynamically played SFX based upon collision data.
    • allowed the audio designer to set points in the level where a musical shift in emotion should take place.
  • – Imported and synced assets into the Unity Project (textures, models, animations, audio).

Length: 15 weeks

The goal of  project Samsara was to design and develop an expressive artistic experience that addressed the serious issue of bullying; an unsolved social problem that results in both emotional and physical trauma for its victims. Bullying is a problem that is rooted in negativity, so the philosophy of our team was to create something positive.

We created a game called Samsara, which is an atmospheric, vertical scrolling, action/adventure game where players guide a seed as it falls from the top of the trees to the beautiful forest floor.