Rise of the Pharaoh

  • Mobile
  • 01 May 2012
  • Hartwood Elementary School

App Store        Research Paper

Role: iOS Developer


  • – Develop educational iOS game using Xcode and Interface Builder.
  • – Built system to add/modify educational content within the App via a configuration file.
  • – Built game logic and graphic update loops.
  • – Built the UI and implemented sound manager.
  • – Created artwork using Photoshop and imported it into the project.
  • – Publish the game on the App Store.

Length: 4 months

Rise of the Pharaoh is an iOS application that I developed as part of an independent study. Due to the amount of art assets that were required for this app, it was a two semester project. The first semester was spent programming the game logic. The second semester was spent creating the artwork, adding sound effects, and collaborating with a voice actor, Damian Allen. Below is the description associated with it on the App Store.

“This app is to help elementary students learn about Egypt in a fun way. The concept of the game is that you start out as one of the lowest rungs on the Ancient Egyptian social ladder, a pyramid builder, and your goal is work your way up to become the Pharaoh. You do this by completing the mini-game associated with your current social standing. In total there are four mini-games for each of the four social rankings you must achieve; pyramid builder, craftsman, scribe, and priest. However there are two modes you can play in: story mode and arcade mode. In story mode there is narration as you progressively play through each mini-game to become the Pharaoh. In arcade mode there is no narration but you can pick and choose which mini-game you want to play.”