Building Virtual Worlds

  • Unity3D
  • 01 May 2012
  • Entertainment Technology Center

Role: Unity Developer


  • – Develop games on 1-4 week development cycles using a variety of tech, including:
    • – Eyegaze
    • – Microsoft Kinect
    • – PS Move
    • – Makey Makey
  • – Built centralized sound manager to handle all audio assets in the project.
  • – Imported and synced assets into the Unity Project (textures, models, animations, audio).

Length: 15 weeks

Building Virtual Worlds is a class that is mandatory for first semester students enrolled in the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon. The class focuses on rapidly prototyping virtual experiences in interdisciplinary and multicultural teams. Each team consists of a sound designer, programmer, 2D texture artist, and 3D modeler. At the beginning of the semester each student is assigned their permanent role for the remainder of the class. During the semester there are five rounds; each round a student is assigned a new team and given an average of two weeks to create a virtual experience within the guidelines of the assignment. For this class I was assigned the role of programmer. My responsibilities were to write scripts, load models/textures/sounds into Unity3D, and use guest input from a variety of platforms including: the PlayStation Move, Microsoft Kinect, EyeGaze, and the Makey Makey.